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You MUST read the following before starting 
these movement sequences


You are about to enter a page that describes series of movements that you can do on your own. These are unusual movements and must be performed carefully, without seeking to achieve success, to perform, just exploring possibilities. It is important to avoid any discomfort, but rather find ways to move that are easy.  

These are NOT exercises!

I have already ready read this page, let's move on >

These are movement sequences designed to develop your sensitivity, and increase your feeling of vitality by awakening unused areas of yourself.

Recovering flexibility and full use of the body is like unravelling a tangle of knots. When trying to release a single thread, you gain nothing by forceful pulling. Blind obedience to prescribed exercise without creative exploration will only leave you in an endless struggle.

Some people are willing to invest any effort and pay any price to recover... Their focus is so strong that they overlook the most important: they are unable to give their full attention to themselves, to look inwards and communicate patiently and kindly with their body. When you are not attentive to your own inner signals, you are as a person lost in the dark.

The answer lies not in the kinds of exercises, not in the processes you submit to, but in the manner in which you execute them.

Once you are able to listen to the inner sensations of your organism, you can actually begin your own process of healing.


MAKE IT EASY for yourself!

If you don't know what you are doing, how can you do what you want? How can you avoid injury??

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NO, I do not agree with the above perspective.

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  Warning: contains original material.                      

If you do not understand that these are not exercises, that they are simply an occasion to explore new ways of making better, more efficient use of your body, then you are on your own. At least remember not to strain and to avoid pain!