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A few suggestions and some movements

Move your chair back, turn to the side and look away.

  1. Rock gently right and left and notice how the weight shifts from one buttock to the other.
  2. Place your hands, one one each knee or on the upper thighs so that the elbows are slightly bent.
  3. Raise the right elbow to straighten the arm, then let it down, the hands stay in place on the legs. Notice how the shoulder responds.
  4. Repeat with the left elbow, then with both together.
  5. Raise and lower your head in a slow YES movement. As the head lowers, you can almost let your chin rest on your chest.
  6. Repeat the above movement while lifting and lowering the elbows. Try lifting the elbows as the head drops.
  7. Tilt your head to the right several times. Then lift the right elbow as you tilt. Your ear almost rests on the shoulder. Repeat with the left side then alternate right and left.
  8. Bring the shoulders back as if to touch the shoulder blades together behind your back. Repeat the movement dropping the head forward.
  9. Bring the shoulders forward, again dropping the head to the chest.
  10. Play with having each hand on the opposite knee while doing the above movements.
Notice how much better you feel, improvise, have fun and find a better way still.

Now back to work

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