While sitting at your computer... (click here for audio version)

A few hints and a little exercise to make things safer as you sit before your screen.
  1. Move back on your chair, turn to the side and look away.
  2. Rub your hands together, softly and clap gently a few times.
  3. Hold your palms together, fingers up, and press the thumbs to your chest as you stretch the elbows forward. Move your head around at the same time.
  4. Same position, rotate the wrists to point the fingers to the floor and then to the ceiling.
  5. Shift hands and arms right and left, keeping the upper body in place.
  6. Now move upper body with the hands.
  7. Repeat while keeping the weight equally distributed on BOTH buttocks.
  8. Move hands and elbows to right, shoulders to left, then reverse.
  9. Squeeze the knees together, then spread them apart.
  10. Continue, using your hands to resist the movement of the knees: repeat several times with each hand on the same knee,
  11. Then with each hand on the opposite knee continue to resist, knees coming apart and together.
Notice how much better you feel, improvise, have fun and find a better way still.


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